Summer camp

So i was just at Boy Scout camp. I did a card board boat race. Which is when throughout the week you build a cardboard boat with duct tape, then you race it across the lake.

Polar bear swim whitch is you when you wake up at 6:00in the morning to go swimming in the pool. I slept in a tent for 6 nights in a sleeping bag.  I got finger printing, swimming and first aid merit badge’s.

The food was okay. But on Wednesday we went to Red Robin and Cabelas because we were all working hard. At Cabelas I got a stuffed dog. I did a lot of archery during free time. The bow was hard for me to use. My total score for the week was 11.

Camp was Sunday afternoon to Saturday mourning. My father stayed up at the camp for 3days.  I had a great time at Boy Scout camp!

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